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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ROV Pilot/Tech Course in Portland by GMSL

Ming and I attended our ROV pilot/tech course in Portland, England which was conducted by Global Marine Systems Ltd. it's a 3 weeks course that consisted of theory, practicals and simulators. As for my batch, we had 5 participants. the course can accommodate up to 9 ppl (i reckon). 3 of my coursemates r local so we had no prb in exploring local foods, booze and boobs hahahahhahahaha, i mean books.

Crews of Freedom and Independent

While some of the participants resided in B&B, ming n i lived in a small cottage which is 20mins walk from the training center, 20mins of uphills and downhills, so basically both of us had good exercise for the last 3 weeks. everyday we clocked 40mins of walk, some of the days under the crazy rain and unpredictable wind. accommodation here starts from 15gbp a nite until 60gbp a nite, depend on where u wanna stay n what u want in ur room.

Cheapest rate in town, only 5mins walk to the doorstep of the training school

this is our retreat after every class hahahahah

Typical meal's price

This is where all of us will rv everymorning to talk bout safety and how u can hurt urself and sign all the papers u need to sign incase things happen to u and u had been told bout that.

so, what actually the training package that had been prepared for us? as usual, everything starts with theory. so there's class session where the instructors talked about safety, basic offshores do and don'ts, story bout going offshores, experience sharing, basic electrics, hydraulics, symbols, accronyms, teamwork, rov applications, rov procedures, hydraulic and electrical maintenance, seamanship and beers (after class of course). the training school also let us all onboard one of their ships, CS Sovereign n showed us around how things actually work on board. so we all had a good real life glance on the bigger picture. it's not an isolated operations after all. after all those theories, we also been exposed to workshop practicals and all the related tools that will get the job done. familiarization with all the powered tools, electronics n electrical testing equipment, fibre optics handling and workshop safety practise. we were trained to do mechanical re-termination on smd plough umbilical where each of us been given our own cable to reterminate! perry scarab III junction box retermination and again, we had our own box and cable for that too.

As for simulator experience, we had a go in flying leviathon workclass ROV and seaeye tiger for some subsea intervention jobs. tools fixing onto ROV on the seabed n etc.

For real life flying, the seaeye falcon is our machine. we had to open up the shack, place the ROV, pre dive checks, launching it, umbilical monitoring, piloting, co piloting and post dive checked it almost every 2 days. tasks that had been carried out using the falcon are such as pier legs inspection, placement of marker bouys, hull inspection, pier wall inspection, navigation and use of sonar.
Termination of umbilical fibres using hot melt ST connectors and use of fibre optic test equipment to confirm optical loses. besides that, each of us had to do fusion splicing of optics tails on to the umbilical. we also been given harness to repair and practice to do molded joints and tape/scotchkote repairs. use of grinders, megger meters, all the safety gears, etc is part of the package. when u r not piloting, u can expect to be standing most of the time! hahhahahaha, i had a good exercise though. as for testing out camera system on one of the idled ROV, perry scarab, we been taught to use scopemeters and oscilloscopes.

The falcon's shack

Fresh air, lookout for tsumani

Cable-Guy 2009

Mocha's 1st virgin breaker task as an ROV personnel

Pre dive check

i need a ps style joystick!

everyone happy with post dive check and ready to go home look

locking up n ready go say byebye

Mech retermination of smd plough umbilical

have to shine all those small cables and do some weaving! now i regret never pay attention in pendidikan seni during my f2 time, at least we weave using color paper only

to make a birdnest like steel ball so the ball can go into a big steel cup. i spent few days doing this practical!

Electrical retermination of cable belong to that autobots behind me

Some of my coursemate replacing the compensator for this machine

Harness repair station

after few hours, all look like kolo mee and ur stomach asking u to eat them

ok now... which one shall i cut.... (question of all micro surgeons)

Fibre optics station

pow wow session minus the dancing and singing hahahahah

this is the vessel that we had visited, forgot to bring my camera onboard.. darn

pictures of instructors and students. all are now ready to face a whole new world ahead! ganbatte to all of us!


lc3co0L said...

cool man! I guess now you can do fiber optics better than me! can do contract for TM liao.. hahaha... underwater somemore! sure nala punya cable rite? how many cores?

countloon said...

fibra optics satu core aje coz it's for the rov punya mah hahahahhaa. surface to rov aje, tapi the armor cables protecting the fo memang nala punya kerja!

lc3co0L said...

ohh... this is sumthing new for me.. only one core rupanya...

jason said...

How about ROV pilot job? do u already got a job as pilot tech? Is it hard to find a job? I also interested to work as ROV PT. hopefully u can share a bit with me

countloon said...

jason: still hunting for job. yes like u said, it's hard. all the best to u too

Azhar Othman said...

can you state the total course fee ie the training fee, flight fee, lodging fee and meals fee. im interested in the course. is this course certified to ROV industry? Compare to port williams what is the advantage to train at GMSL. tq

countloon said...


'accommodation here starts from 15gbp a nite until 60gbp a nite, depend on where u wanna stay n what u want in ur room'

course fee is 3.5k gbp (2008 price) as the latest fee i m not very sure cause we paid last yr.

the meal, u can see on one of the pics in the blog where there's pricelist of food that they r selling. it's more or less the same in all portland.

the airfare, can't help u much as they r various of promotion by all those airlines, if you wanna b on the safe side, rm3k would get u a good return tix.

then u have to think of land transportation from london to portland ie, train + bus. train will cost u around 20gbp per way and bus will cost u around 2gbp from train station to portland town. u can basically walk the whole town in 30mins. do bear in mind, it's a hilly walk.

not sure bout fort williams as i never been there but gmsl is imca complied training instituition too. maybe u can get some feedbacks from those trained in fort williams

D said...

so technical from the looks of the photos. Your orange attire use button or zip? I hope it wasn't a nuisance when you need to pee urgently...heh

countloon said...

it uses button
very ez to pee but kinda hazardous as the zipper is big and tajam! hahahaha

crow22 said...

i also would like to know the detailed needed for this course..like how do we go there?by ourselves alone or it can be group?if there are 2,3 people wanna go together with me would be good enough..I'm planning to take this course at Australia..

please let me know if u already hired..coz from what i heard in malaysia,we lack of rov pilot..usually we import manpower from singapore to do this job..so it should be aesy to get a job rite?

i'm really serious bout this course..hope will get help from u and others..

countloon said...

crow: i would suggest by a group of is better as you will have ppl to accompany you throughout the journey n not to mention dividing the living cost in portland too. maybe u guys can think of renting a self-catering cottage so that u can cook for yourself to be more economical. weekends with friends around will promise a better experience to visit the nearby attractions.

rov job in msia i am not sure as i am STILL hunting jobs in uk. so far still no hits. maybe back in msia you have to ask those seniors there. as from my perspective here, it's not that ez as i thought to be before i enter this industry. have to pray everyday for an open chance.

wish u the best in your journey bro. perhaps we will cross path one day

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Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb

Anonymous said...

hi there, i heard there was a ROV training by SubnetService in Manila. did u know is it ok training there? and chances to get job by this institution?

Loon said...


yes, there's an rov training center in philipines which is cheaper comparing to this one i attended. i choose this as i happened to b in uk that time.

regarding job opportunity after ur completion of the course, frm my opinion, in this time of economy slowish stage, u will have a higher chance of getting employed if you have internal connection in the companies that you wish to join and yes, there's always possibilities of getting employed though but the probability is slim in this time. do pray alot for now if you do not have insider (an influential ones).

Anonymous said...

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Nabbil Munir said...

hello bro..saya brminat dgn job rov ni...so ada nk discuss sikit pasal rov ni hrap bro blh attch kn email...??

err said...

Wow, GMSL! I missed this place. I went for training here last year in March and guess what? Still looking for job until today. Guess it isn't as rosy as people think.... :(

But I had a great time in Weymouth. I went by myself and was THE ONLY student because a group cancelled their training last minute. I was accompanied by 2 in house trainees though, and I'm content with their hospitality and training. Wish I could get a job soon... :(

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